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ZEX Traction Control Window Switch


Angel eyes Honda Civic 92-95 3D μαύρα

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Αντάπτορας σκάστρας ίσιο

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TETRAX XWAY: Universal Navigator Holder
37.00   33.00
TETRAX Is a unique, ergonomic and sophisticated magnetic system with attractive design to safely hold your portable electronic devices in your vehicle. TETRAX X-WAY Incorporates magnets and reinforced clips in a thermoplastic structure designed to support the majority of GPS Navigators, Satellite Radios, PDAs and large Cell Phones currently available on the market. This practical, lightweight, low volume model allows the driver to interact with the navigator in total safety without obscuring visibility. The simple way this system works: -4 magnets in a spherical layout placed inside an aluminum ring where are the magnet poles creating an attraction power equal (750g),resisting to more than 5G acceleration. -In order for device to stay in place a metal clip (included in a package) must be applied. Please note, Tetrax magnets influence only the clip avoiding any interfering with the electronic components of your device. Specifications: TETRAX weight is less than (20 g) and it’s guaranteed to hold devices with weights up to (150 g) for EGO, GEO and FIX models and up to (300 g) for X-WAY model. (Usual weight of a Smart Phone around (120 -140 g) and (200 g) for Navigation systems) Benefits of using TETRAX: -Safety: No obstacles and view limitation on your windshield (for navigation devices), keeps your phone in perfect position for speakerphone conversation. -Comfort: all your electronic devices are visible and at your fingertips. -Strength: magnetic power of 4 gold plated neodyminium alloy magnets + metal clip with 3M high performance adhesive are guaranteed to hold your devices in place. -Aesthetics: no clumsy and bulky plastic holders, your dashboard looks neat and organized again -Originality: unique, protected by International patents, made in Italy, essential, ergonomic and attractive design. -Durability: creative and simple design of our system allows it to serve you for an extensive time.
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MAZDA RX-8 Air Intake
195.00   159.00
MAZDA RX-8 Air Intake   Guaranteed to improve horsepower and acceleration in your sport compact Utilizes only the finest quality... More
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