Read THIS Before You Buy Another Carpet Spray

Read THIS Before You Buy Another Carpet Spray

Looking for a carpet spray to make your carpet waterproof or dirt resistant with? Then make sure you read our tips so you’ll make the best decision!

Because, unfortunately, not every carpet spray is created equal. In fact, getting the wrong rug spray may not make a difference at all and some will even SHORTEN the lifespan of your precious carpet(s).

The Problem with Using A Run-of-the-Mill Carpet Spray

What follows is a short list of all the reasons why just any kind of rug spray may not do the trick for you. Here we go…

1) Not all carpets can be treated with a regular carpet spray:
A cheap spray may be cheap at face value, but it could cost you a pretty penny when you find out your carpet isn’t made of a fabric which can handle the spray. Result: MAKING stains on your carpet instead of removing them, or worse, completely ruining your carpet.

2) A regular rug spray only offers protection during a short period of time:
Let’s face it, you go ahead and buy a spray for your carpet because you want to keep it looking pretty or because you don’t want to waste a lot of time on cleaning it (or both). So, what good does a spray that only lasts a couple months do you? Unfortunately, most carpet sprays offer short term protection and force you to go and waste your free time on cleaning carpets after anywhere from a 2-3 to 6 months.

3) Most carpet sprays protect your rugs from water, but not from…
Oils and other liquids which create long lasting stains (like wine), dirt, and stains. In other words: they protect your carpet from 1 out of 5 situations while they should protect it from all of the above mentioned cleaning nightmares.

But where can you find a carpet spray which is made for all fabrics, offers long lasting protection, and protects your carpet from all kinds of liquids, dirt, and stains?

Introducing Always Dry Textile & Leather, the Ideal Carpet Spray

Our Always Dry Textile & Leather spray is the ideal spray for your carpet because it does all of the above and more:

- Protects your rugs from liquids (water, oils, etc.), dirt, and stains
- Protects your carpet for up to 18 months
- It’s 100% breathable and harmless (unlike most carpet sprays which are made of cheap chemicals)
- It doesn’t change the view, color or movability of your carpet (again, unlike most rug sprays which tend to stiffen your carpet noticeably or slightly)
- It’s not visible to the human eye

And just so you’ll know these aren’t some vague claims we’re making and Always Dry actually does what we say it does, we’d like to show you the secret behind our powerful carpet spray.

How Always Dry Works

The difference between Always Dry Textile & Leather and run-of-the-mill carpet sprays is that Always Dry is based on the latest and greatest nano technology.

You see, normally when liquids and dirt come into contact with your carpet they have free rein. They can hit it from all angles and that’s what makes your carpet get filthy. With a little help from nano technology we can give your carpet superhydrophobic properties. That may sound fancy, but it simply means the contact angle at which liquids and dirt come into contact with your carpet are radically increased. As a result, your carpet transform from the flatlands into the Rocky Mountains on a microscopic scale: liquids and dirts have a much, much harder time making your carpet filthy because the increased contact angle makes it hard for them to hold on or so to speak.

That’s what makes our rug spray work so well: it makes it extremely difficult for liquids and dirt to do any damage for a period up to 18 months.

Get Your Carpet Spray Today

If you want to make your carpet waterproof, dirt repellent, and stain resistant for up to 18 months then get your carpet spray today by visiting our online store right away! Visit the store.

Not convinced? Not only can Always Dry be used as a carpet spray, it can also be used for couch protection, shoe protection, protection of other textiles (clothing), to make leather waterproof with, and so on. In other words: when you get Always Dry you’ll save money on carpet cleaning AND on buying new shoes, belts, clothing, couches, etc. because everything will last longer when it’s waterproof, stain resistant, and dirt repellent.

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