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Engine Dumpers

Engine Dumpers

The engine torque damper is a self-contained elastomeric shock that mounts on brackets between the engine and the chassis.

It reduces extreme engine movement and dampens the motion, providing many benefits.

This engine torque damper was originally intended for the sport compact market, but can be used for some Hot Rod applications if it is applied correctly.

  •  Greatly improved off-the-line acceleration
  • Reduced wheel hop
  • Improved vehicle stability
  • Reduced shock loads on driveline components
  • Smoother shifting
  • Reduced wear on exhaust system joints
  • Less vibration transmission to the driver compared to polyurethane motor mounts.
  • Less shock load, compared to torque straps and chains.
  • Drifting – helps reduce shock loads when wheels gain traction.
  • Reduces motor movement – decreases the chance of motor parts rubbing against the hood and frame.