Always Dry Product Information

Always Dry Textile – Leather Waterproof Spray

Always Dry is a breakthrough liquid & stain repelling solution that protects apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, leather (including suede), carpet, upholstery and car interiors.

Furthermore, it provides a protection against liquids and unsightly stains while remaining invisible! This water-based and solvent-free product does not impact the look, texture, breathability or color of your textiles and leathers.

How does Always Dry Work?

Always Dry covers each individual fiber with an invisible protective layer which prevents liquid and resilient stains, such as red wine, to infiltrate in the fibers. The remaining liquid is easily removed with a moist cloth and will not leave any permanent damage to the object.

How to use Always Dry?

Always dry is easy to use by spraying directly on the product or textiles.

1) Shake the bottle well and keep it 15-20 cm of the surface.
2) Spray immediately on the product or substance. ( spray 50-150 ml per square meter.)
3) Apply evenly in order to obtain full protection.
4) The product needs 24 hours to dry.

Attention points:

-  Apply evenly on the surface.
-  Apply on a clean surface.
-  Apply on leather with a cloth leaving the full surface evenly covered.
-  Remove the excess liquid on the surface.

Benefits and features?

• Provides immediate and ongoing protection.
• Leave the article look like new for a long time
• Safe and easy to use.
• Prolongs the life of all your textile and leather.
• Decrease of the time and quantity of cleaning.
• Usable in and outside the house.
• Does not change the view, color or movability of textiles.
• Completely invisible to the human eye.
• Permanent UV protection preventing the substance to change color.
• Long durability
• 100% breathable and harmless.

Sustainability of the liquid?

Nano coatings applied by the Always Dry spray offer up to 18 months of protection for articles which are not exposed to frequent washing or dry cleaning.

We recommend treating the substance again after 40-60 washes.

Note: the use of chemical cleaners or detergents reduces the functioning and sustainability of Always Dry. We recommend warm water with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt.

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