Always Dry Textile and Leather

Always Dry Textile & Leather

Always Dry Textile & Leather is a liquid and waterproof spray for fabrics, including leather, that is based on nanotechnology.

This new and exciting product provides a superhydrophobic coating that offers a solution to protect your favorite pair of shoes, dress, or even your new couch from liquids and stains. It expands the life expectancy of the materials and leaves your product looking like new for a long time!

A Waterproof Spray That Actually Works!

You may have heard of other waterproof sprays before, but if you have ever tried them, you were likely disappointed. Always Dry is totally different. It actually works! And it actually lasts! Our team of scientists developed this product for a specific purpose, and we achieved our goal and even surpassed it. We have tested, retested, and then tested it again on several different types of fabrics and leathers before we put the product on the market. The point of that was so that we could fine-tune the chemical properties and make sure it would work universally, rather than just one specific type of fabric for a short amount of time. The result of doing this is we can now offer the best waterproof spray for fabrics on the market.

Liquid Repellent & Stain Protection For Up To 18 Months!

This new and advanced method of leather and textile protection remains active for up to 18 months! We are not kidding. Think of how much longer your shoes or clothes would last if they were resistant to water and stains.

Not yet convinced? Check Out Our Videos

We invite you to watch some or our videos demonstrating the Always Dry spray. We don’t do any magic tricks, optical illusions, or any other kind of misleading tactics in our videos. They were professionally recorded, but there aren’t any edited or enhanced graphics. The point is: what you see is what you get. Once you see it in action, you will become a believer. Once you try it, you will become a raving fan.

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Do you have a pair of pants, a beautiful handbag, or a great shirt that you want to protect from getting wet or from permanent stains? Have some boots or shoes that could last twice as long if they were waterproof? If so, then don’t hesitate any longer. Try Always Dry and prevent humidity or dirt from ruining your favorite shoes or clothes ever again! You can buy your first bottle of waterproof spray today. See below.