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Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers

Engine oil not only serves as a lubricant for moving parts, but as a coolant for the crankshaft, rods and pistons. The bottom end of the engine relies solely on engine oil for cooling. For this reason, maintaining the correct oil temperature is critical to the engine's performance and longevity.

An oil cooler can play an important role in the smooth running of a vehicle by dissipating heat while transporting oil away from moving parts into the oil pan.

Because the latest generation of engines are smaller, run at higher RPMs and produce more heat, maintaining the correct oil temperature is imperative. In addition, most engines have less oil capacity, putting more of a strain on the oil and all engine components. 

 The optimum temperature for oil is between 82-93 C. Failures start to occur when oil cannot dissipate its collected heat fast enough and rises past this threshold. As it begins to break down, oil loses its lubricating, as well as its cooling, properties.