Textile Protection Spray Adds Nano-Coatings

Textile Protection Spray Adds Nano-Coatings

A nano-coating provided by our textile protection spray is the most practical and safest way to ensure your cloths, carpets, and even expensive furniture is protected against stains and liquids.

A Textile Protection Spray For All Fabrics

Every kind of textile has a different fiber structure. One might be more susceptible to dirt, while another is easily stained. Adding a nano-coating has different advantages, and when we take a closer look at things, we can see that this is the future for textile protection. There have been products available that protect one type of fabric, but there’s never been anything can protect all fabrics. That is, until Always Dry anyways. It is truly an innovative and revolutionary means of textile and leather protection. No other product has ever gone this far before.

A Common Problem People Encounter When Using Regular Textile Protection

First of all, most people remove their furniture, fabrics or indoor textiles when they get some discoloration. You have to really scrub hard to get stains out. If you’ve used other cleaning products on multiple occasions for your prized possessions, the colors will start to fade. So, usually, this results in just throwing it away and buying something new to replace it. Think of how much money you could save if all your fabrics were protected and lasted nearly forever.

A Solution: a Textile Protection Spray Based on Nano-Coatings

This is where the first primary function of a Nano coating for textiles comes in. When a textile protection spray based on nano coating is applied, you get a molecular protection layer that binds with the structure of the textile. This ultra-thin layer has non-sticking and repelling properties. So instead of damaging the fibers with dirt and liquids, it gets repelled by this Nano thin glass-like layer.

Nano Coatings Put to Practical Use

Okay, so look at what this means in household terms:

  • You don`t have to use chemical cleaning products that damage the fibers of your possessions like expensive couches, chairs, curtains…with just a microfiber cloth and warm water, dirt and stains can easily be removed.
  • It reduces the frequency and the time needed for cleaning your stuff. Especially these days, when people have more than 1000 things to do at once. This is a huge advantage and allows you to spend your time doing more productive and important things.
  • It repels water, soft-drinks, coffee, wine, and other liquids that normally give you a heart attack. Because of the superhydrofobic properties, the liquids just roll off and you will have some peace of mind.
  • The Nano Coatings that Always Dry provides will supply textile protection for up to 3-4 years, easily. The best part is, It won’t change the look, feeling, or color of your textiles. This technology is so precise that It covers each individual fiber, which is the best possible textile protection for any kind of fabric.

But, that’s just one way of looking at things. We personally have some experience with coating apparel like suede shoes, expensive cashmere sweaters, and sport materials. These other textiles and leathers all receive the same quality of protection. So with our easy to use spray and affordable price, you can get creative and reduce the time of cleaning. It will expand the lifespan of your favorite clothing articles and keep your textiles looking like new.

Microscopic Pictures of Fabrics Without and With Nano Coatings

To prove to you that Always Dry provides the best textile protection possible, we added some microscopic pictures of a coated and uncoated fiber so you can see how advanced this Nanotechnology is.

In the first picture, you can see the fibers of a common textile that is susceptible to dirt, liquids, and cleaning products. This is what unprotected textile looks like:

The second picture is one of textile which had the Always Dry textile spray applied to it. As you can see, the fiber is fully covered and protected against liquids, dirt, and more.

Interested in Always Dry’s Textile Protection Spray Products?

We hope our nano sized textile protection spray can be used in everyday households to keep our textiles & fabrics well protected and increase the efficiency of our cleaning efforts.

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