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TETRAX Invisible Holders


TETRAX is a pettened system to hold electronic portable devices safety and conveniently, eliminating those big and plastic holders.

Super-small, super-strong holder of car gadgets.

Driving is dangerous - and of course, it's the fault of those OTHER drivers! - so why make it more deadly by having to dig in a pocket or purse to retrieve a ringing cell phone? The Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder uses rare earth magnets and high performance adhesive to create a snug spot to hug your phone and give you a great hands-free experience. It also replaces those bulky, ineffective suction cup holders that are supposed to keep your GPS from sliding across your dashboard at the very moment when you need it most. (Also, you never have to lick a Tetrax to get it to stick. Bonus!)

Installing the Tetrax is easy and quick. Once you have it installed, your life will instantly become so awesome that you will want to install a Tetrax for every device in your life. Put up a few in the car for your cell phone, GPS, or mp3 player. Stick one up on the wall by your living room couch to keep your universal remote universally available. Anything you need to keep available and secure in your life can benefit from a Tetrax Gadget Holder. Except your wallet, since rare earth magnet + credit cards = fail.

  • Rare earth magnets + high performance structural adhesive = best gadget holder ever
  • Use it for your cell phone, GPS, mp3 player, or even your toll-paying transponder
  • The GEO and XWAY models can be fixed on the air vent frame wile the FIX model can stick to any plain surface.
  • Safe: Won't limit your view and will keep your device in prime position for easy access
  • Secure: Gold-plated neodyminium alloy magnets + clip with 3M high performance structural adhesive
  • Will resist 5G of acceleration force - and if you can do that with a mere automobile, you're our hero
  • Warning: Attempting to clip your wallet to the Tetrax will result in dead credit cards. Just say no



Safety: it doesn’t limit your view and it keeps your cell phone in perfect position when you activate your speaker phone.
Original: unique, protected by international patents, strictly "Made in Italy". Ergonomic, essential and attractive design.
Appropriate place: all electronic systems are visible and at your fingertips.
Holding guranteed: 4 gold plated neodyminium alloy magnets + clip with 3M high performance structural adhesive.

These new innovative products made in Italy, Tetrax, was showcased by Pro Technology in Gitex 2009. This unique car mobile holder gains attraction by its physical features and usability. Very small in size and in different colors, Tetrax is beneficial in terms of comfort, strength, aesthetics, durability and originality.

Tetrax is patented system to hold electronic portable devices such as mobile phones of different brands and models, portable satellite navigation systems, remote controls and many other electronic devices. Its versatility gives no limits to one's imagination for its applications in the car, at home, and at work and offers more visibility than the conventional holders.

With a guaranteed holding on 4 gold plated neodyminium alloy magnets plus a clip with 3m high performance structural adhesive, it helps keep portable devices in order and within reach, conveniently eliminating the big and bulky plastic holders.

Available in 3 variants: FIX, GEO, X-WAY, this can hold devices with weights up to 5.3 oz (for GEO, and FIX) and up to 10.5 oz for X-WAY. The FIX model can easily stick to any plain surface and the rest of the models can be fixed on the air vent frame.

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