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Honda Suspension

Honda Suspension

Honda has always been the model for Japanese refinement.

In our store you will find: Front & Rear Camber kit, Rear Toe Adjusters, Top Pillow Mounts, Hi-Low Spring Kits, Sway Bar & Under Strut Bar Kit, Rear Control Arms, Floor Bars, Silicone Spring Boosters, Lower Front Brace

Not only are Honda vehicles powerful, stylish, and luxurious, they also run smoothly, making each Honda passenger feel comfortable with a comfort more than its interior amenities can give. The refinement of the Honda engines definitely has something to do with this, and so does its other parts including the Honda suspension.

A vehicle's suspension is a system of springs and linkages that attaches the vehicle's frame to the wheels. Before, the only function of the vehicle's suspension is to keep the vehicle's wheel on the ground so that it can provide traction. Today, however, vehicle suspensions are also designed to control the vehicle's ride quality and handling. It keeps the vehicle passengers comfortable by shielding them from all the bumps, noise, and vibrations.