Always Dry Company Information

Always Dry Company Information

Auto Pro represends in Greece the mother company Nanex. Few words for Nanex:

Nanex is a young, but innovative company who’s headquarters are located in Belgium, where we are mainly focused on the development of our water repellent spray and stain protection formulas.

Nanex- Water Repellent Spray Manufacturer in Belgium

We offer environmentally friendly water repellent and stain protection products, which can be purchased through our online web-shop and our exclusive distributors.

We believe that our product can fulfill a diverse and wide-range of uses. It can solve problems that we don’t even consider to be problems because there has never been a solution for them. The amount of money the average household spends on cleaning products every year is just one example of this. We don’t normally think this is a problem. It has always costed us money, so we think that is just how it is supposed to be. However, the Always Dry Textile & Leather spray can cut your costs significantly over an extended period of time. Just to name a few of its uses, our product is a water repellent and stain protection spray for:

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Boots
  • Dress Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Camping gear
  • Automotive Interior

The most popular ways to use the Always Dry product is either as shoe Protection or as a Carpet Spray.

What We Do- Water Repellent Sprays & Stain Protection

In addition to our headquarters in Belgium, we have contact with cutting-edge scientists and research houses all over the world. The result of this is we are always producing the most relevant and innovative hydrophobic formulas available, which ensures our continued growth in the application of Nano Technology.

Always Dry Textile & Leather

With our first product, Always Dry Textile & Leather, we offer a high quality, but yet reasonably priced product that can be used by anyone. As a water repellent spray that also offers stain protection for textiles and leathers, this product is new, exciting, and has the potential to solve everyday problems that you might not even know existed.

Follow Us

Besides our first textile & leather version, we are concentrating on the development of Nano Coatings for different materials that can be used for everyday purposes. You can follow us on our social media accounts to keep up to date with our company and learn about all of our latest innovations. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Be sure to check out our videos on YouTube or the blog on our website.

The Future for Nanex

In the near future, we will be focusing on the development of more Nano coatings based on SIO2 and TIO2, with all kind of properties such as; easy and self-cleaning properties, long lasting protection against liquids and dirt, protection against extreme temperatures, Nano size anti-bacterial that will last for years, and much more.

Nano coatings are now being used in many different industries for a wide range of reasons. We strive to develop and produce products for normal, everyday usage, so that it can add value to areas of life.

We’re Looking To Expand

We are (AUTO PRO) currently looking for entrepreneurs, sales centers and distributors WITHIN GREECE, who want to help us promote these environmentally friendly products in Greece. Also Nanex is looking for distributors to any country in the world, where there is not yet a distributor. The goal, and our expectations are to expand fairly quickly, so we are giving our partners a good deal right now. If you are interested in the opportunity to sell our water repellent spray, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now to see what we can offer.

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