Shoe Protection Based on Nano Technology is Amazing!

Shoe Protection Based on Nano Technology is Amazing!

Always Dry provides a protection against liquids and unsightly stains while remaining invisible!

This water-based and solvent-free product does not impact the look, texture, breathability or color of your shoes at all. And that’s why it’s the best shoe protection spray out there today. Not convinced? That’s understandable, so let’s take a closer look at how our spray works so you can draw your own conclusions.

How Does our Shoe Protection Spray Work?

Always Dry covers each individual fiber of your shoes with an invisible protective layer which prevent liquid and resilient stains, such as red wine, to infiltrate in the fibers. The remaining liquid is easily removed from the shoes with a moist cloth and will not leave any permanent damage to the shoes. In other words: your shoes will never look as dirty as the pair below after you use our shoe spray…

Want to know more? No problem!

All the Benefits of Our Shoe Protection

Here’s a full list of the benefits and features of our shoe protection spray:

• Provides immediate and ongoing protection for your shoes.
• Makes your shoes look like they’re brand new for a long, long time
• It is safe and easy to use.
• It prolongs the life of all your textile and leather.
• Decreases the time needed to clean AND the number of times you need to clean your shoes.
• It’s usable in and outside the house.
• It does not change the look, color or movability of your shoes.
• Pretty cool: it’s completely invisible to the human eye.
• Provides permanent UV protection so your shoes won’t change color after wearing them for a while.
• Long durability
• 100% breathable and harmless.

And how about the durability of our shoe protection?

Always Dry offers up to 18 months protection to articles which are not exposed to frequent washing or dry cleaning. Note: the use of chemical cleaners or detergents reduces the functioning and sustainability of Always Dry. That’s why we highly recommend you use warm water with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt when cleaning your shoes.

Meanwhile, most shoes don’t even last a year when worn regularly. And that’s why our shoe protection is so good: it lasts as long as your shoes usually last… or longer!

Learn More About Our Shoe Protection Products

As you can see: using our shoe protection technology reduces the time needed to clean your sneakers, dress shoes and all other kinds of shoes. It also eliminates the need to purchase tons of cleaning products because your shoes will no longer get dirty: you can just wipe off dirt and liquids with a moist cloth like it’s nothing. Try doing that with a pair of unprotected shoes.

Start protecting your shoes with Always Dry today: check out our product information page to learn more about this new and exciting shoe spray based on nanotechnology!

And make sure you keep an eye on the Always Dry blog for more info about how our products can make things in your home and wardrobe waterproof, stain resistant, and dirt repellant.

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