10mm 5-STAR spark plug wires

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10mm 5-STAR spark plug wires

Horsepower  and  torque increase

100 Ohm per meter, when the factory’s resistance is from

3,000-10,000 Ohm per meter!

Large spark difference resulting in better combustion.

5 Ni-Cr individually wound wire cores. Each core is acting as a coil. Double Kevlar and aramid-fiberglass silicone insulation.

These spark plug Wires is guaranteed for the life of the car (the wire only, not the parts). 

If any part needs to be replaced for some reason, it is repaired for FREE immediately and you only pay for the part!

The parts are from 2-4 euros depending on the part. The 16-valve pipes (2 parts 9 euro)! We have all the parts in store to repair any damage to our own cables right away! 

CAUTION!!! The same components for spark plugs from other companies are from 3-15 euro each!!! 

Checking spark plug wires: https://www.autopro.gr/product-32892.html 

The 5-STAR racing spark plugs are designed for racing use, BUT hundreds are sold for many years in street cars with very good results! They work in extreme conditions from -60°C/+250°C and capable of carrying current up to 90,000 Volts!!! 

* We are the only company that has a multitude of parts and has the ability to manufacture cables for most cars old or new!!! CHARACTERISTICS 

* Better acceleration 

* 2-5% increase in horsepower and torque 

* Increase top speed 

* Easier engine starting * Accurate ignition timing 

* Reduce consumption-Increase mileage 

* Maximum current transfer to the spark plugs * -60°C/+250°C 

* Reduction of exhaust gases   



1.    Can the strong spark make a hole on the pistons? No spark is ever strong enough for that to happen. All the thermal energy from the spark is absorbed by the air-gasoline mixture, when combustion begins.

The thermal energy from combustion is converted into kinetic energy (piston movement). Because the 10mm 5-STAR spark plugs create better combustion conditions, they create additional kinetic energy. 

IF you have noticed, there are coils like MSD and other American companies that produce 40,000+ Volts and NO holes on the pistons! If spark plug wires generally made holes on pistons, then these aftermarket coils would make holes in the ...ground!

Holes on the pistons are usually created by bad adjustment in general, or bad adjustment of the pre-ignition (Ignition lead, pre-ignition or ADVANCE) which for "some" reasons the engineers decide.  

2.    How the stronger spark helps increasing the torque and down force?    It creates better combustion conditions, helping to spread the ignition speed of the mixture and increase the kinetic energy of the piston. 

3.    Can the strongest spark melt the spark plugs?    NO. All of the heat energy from the strongest spark is absorbed by propagating the explosion into the mixture and  the 4/millionth of a second duration is too short to melt a spark plug or even wear it out. It has been reported that many people tend to change the spark plugs a little sooner than the manufacturer recommends. IF there is the slightest fear you can do the same. 

4.    Why do I need a stronger spark? The factory has not foreseen everything;  You do NOT need a stronger spark, just like you do NOT need a free Air filter, Air filter funnel, free exhaust or catalyst, or even a TURBO conversion and other improvements AND IF you are satisfied from your engine’s performance! But IF you want some increase in the performance of the engine, then some conversions and improvements are needed depending on the money each one wants to spend. The strongest spark is Necessary in turbo or supercharged engines but also cars that run on liquid gas!!! Also a factory wants to sell consumable parts and not parts that have a lifetime warranty, like 5-STAR spark plug wires!!!  

6.    What will I gain by installing these upgrade spark plug wires? 

A lot! It is one of the most needed first stage improvements! We avoid the purchase of an improvement coil. IF you want to buy it, this is NOT enough and you will need performance spark plug wires too! Can be combined with any other upgrade, such as an air filter or free air filter and exhaust kit, fuel pressure regulator, ECU remap and ground wires, conversion to Turbo or LPG. IF your mechanic suggests using a performance aftermarket COIL, 5-STAR cables or other performance wires are compatible with all of them AND almost necessary! 

7.    How much can be the increase in torque and underpower?

Don't expect your car to become a turbo (if it is not already), by installing the spark plug wires as with other first-stage upgrades. But we declare that you will see a big difference especially in torque with their placement, either in combination with any first stage improvement or other more serious improvement (Turbo)! You will find due to better combustion, a reduction in exhaust gases, an increase in torque and power, a better start of engine, especially in the morning.Compatible and essential with any enhancement, they give you the extra spark you need!!!If the mechanic has recommended a cooler spark plug, try the 5-STAR spark plug wires with almost zero resistance! 

8.     Is their use necessary if we install an aftermarket performance coil?    

YES!!! The coil does produce the extra volts we need, BUT the current transfer to the spark plugs, due to the high resistance of the factory spark plug wires, is much less than expected!!!

9. What do I gain with the 5-STAR spark plugs in converting my car to LPG? 

One of the serious problems with LPG installation is the ignition of the fuel! Usually this is due to the inability of the spark plug wires to produce   the current needed to ignite the gas. If this is the problem, it is certain that with 5-STAR spark plugs, will deliver the appropriate spark and  this problem will disappear!!! 


Caution! Order by phone: 30 2102015222  OR email: autoprocartoys@gmail.com only!  

Please measure the net lengths of the Visible wire, (not including the boots) and the TOTAL length of the plug Boot, especially IF it is 16V.

If there is a cover on the boot, measure its diameter, as well as the outside diameter of the coil hole. 

A picture of your own terminals would help us also! Of course we also know the characteristics of the cables of many cars! 

Also for more help, a photo of the coil to see if it has a stud in it or is empty AND IF the distributor boot is angled or straight.

A photo in general of the motor with the cables will help too. 


NEW LOWER PRICES NOW! The price starts from 100-115 euro for a complete set! ONLY IN RED COLOR! 

Cars with 4 cables, price 100 euro. 

Cars with 5 cables, price (4+1 medium) 115 euro. 

For some quite long sets, the price may vary, such as for GOLF III 1.8cc, FORD SIERA COSWORTH, BMW E36 1.8cc IS at 140 euro and Lotus Esprit 180 euro.

For 6 or 8 cylinders add 19 euro for each cable. See  the photos, compare with other cables but also differences inside the cable (5 wire cores, double silicone, fiberglass braid, Kevlar). 

Some models of the Italian FIAT or VW family may not be compatible with performance spark plugs! 

For the maximum performance of the cables, the resistance of the spark plugs should be less than 0.5 Ohm.

Your mechanic can advise you IF there is a Compatible spark plug for your car! 

Also, the maximum distance of the spark plug electrodes should not exceed 0.8mm or 0.030". 

For the maximum performance of the cables, the resistance of the spark plugs should be less than 0.5 Ohm.

Your mechanic can advise you IF there is a Compatible spark plug for your car! Also, the maximum distance of the spark plug electrodes should not exceed 0.8mm or 0.030". 

At the AUTO PRO store: Polyla 46 Athens-Ano Patisia, 210 2015222 you can SEE with two visual comparison machines the difference between our cable and other cables that you will bring us (racing or factory)! 

We can also measure the ohm resistance of your cables with a meter (free of charge) to see if they need to be replaced!


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