Racing performance 10mm 5-STAR Spark Plug WIRES

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 Racing performance 10mm 5-STAR Spark Plug WIRES

 Increase torque and horsepower!

Very low resistance: 100 Ohm per meter!!!

(Compared to the factory wires that have from 4,000-10,000 Ohm)!

The Large spark difference is resulting in better combustion.

The ONLY Company able to make wires for almost all car models!!!!

5 cores with separate winding each, they are acting as coils. Fiberglass blend, Kevlar and aramid silicone.

Our wires they have a Lifetime Warranty (cable only).

If damaged, broken, etc., they can be repaired immediately with a charge of 1-3 euro depending on the part. You only pay for the part! There are all the parts in the shop to repair any damage! IF you think you can repair them, we can send you the parts to you. 

How to order your set!

1. Measure the net lengths of cables (without the boots). See some pictures and instructions in our pictures.

2. Measure the boot length (by the spark plug side).

3. A photo of your own terminals would help us better! We are making all wires about 1cm longer, because they are thicker and maybe they don’t fit well. IF you don’t want them longer, please Advice! 

The spark can be compared to aftermarket Ignition Coils which produce many thousands volts.

NEW LOWER PRICES NOW!  Cars with 4 cables: 100 euro. Cars with 5 cables: (4+1 middle) 115 Euros. For 6 or 8 cylinder cars ADD 19 Euro per extra wire.

Few cars with very long wires as these ones, the prices are: GOLF III 1.8cc, FORD SIERA COSWORTH, BMW E36 1.8cc IS 140 ευρώ and Lotus Esprit 180 ευρώ.



1. Can the strong spark make a hole in the pistons?    Never a spark is so powerful for this to happen. All thermal energy from the spark is absorbed by the gas-air mixture) when combustion begins. The heat generated by combustion is converted into kinetic energy (piston motion). Because 10mm 5-STAR spark plug wires create better combustion conditions, they generate extra kinetic energy. In the International market there are coils like MSD and other US companies that produce 40,000+ Volts! If our cables made holes in the pistons, then these superpower coils would make holes in the... asphalt! Holes in the pistons are usually caused by poor pre-ignition adjustment that engineers decide for "some" reasons. 

2. How does the stronger spark help increase torque and power?    It creates better combustion conditions, helping to spread the mixture's ignition speed and increase the kinetic energy of the piston.  

3. Can the strongest spark melt the spark plugs?    All the thermal energy from the stronger spark is absorbed by the blast propagation in the mixture and the 4 / millisecond duration is too short to melt a spark or even wear it out. It has been reported that few owners are used to changing spark plugs a little faster than the manufacturer recommends. IF you have the slightest fear, you can do the same. 

4. Why do I need a stronger spark? The factory has not predicted everything;    You do NOT need a stronger spark, like you don’t need a free flow filter, a free flow catalyst, a TURBO conversion or other improvements, IF your engine performs well! But if you want some more juice in engine performance, some adjustments are needed depending on the money available. A factory also does not want to make a product lasting forever, but wants to sell consumable spare parts! We give you LIFITIME Waranty!!!

5. What will I gain by putting these Racing Performance cables?

 A lot! It is one of the most necessary first stage modifications!You don’t need a performance Coil, or other “special” spark plugs! If your engineer suggests using one of those modifications, these cables are compatible with al.

It can be combined with a free flow filter and exhaust kit, fuel pressure regulator, program and cables.


 Do not expect your your car to act as a turbocharged with the wire instalation. However, we tell you that you will see a big difference with their placement, either in conjunction with any stage improvements or turbo! You'll find it due to better combustion, reduced exhaust, increased torque and power, better engine start and especially in the morning, because of better combustion!

Compatible and necessary with any improvement, they give you the extra spark you need. If your engineer has suggested colder spark plugs, try our spark plug wires with them!

6. Is it necessary to use these cables when mounting an aftermarket coil?
    YES!!! The ignition coil actually produces the extra Volts we want. BUT delivering the extra current to the spark plugs due to the high resistance of factory spark plug cables, it will be less powerful than expected and lose enough of their fire power!!!

* Quicker acceleration

* Increase horsepower and torque by 2-5%!

* Improved Top Speed

* Easier engine start

* Exact ignition time

* Increase Fuel Mileage

* Maximum power transfer in spark plugs

* Exhaust emissions reduction

* No Fouling

* -60°C/+250°C

* Street Legal

* Almost Complete Combustion  

For getting the maximum cable performance, the spark plug resistance would be well below 0.6 Ohm. Your mechanic can tell you if there is a spark plug for your car!

Also, the maximum spark plug electrodes should not exceed 0.8mm or 0.030".

 See photos, comparison with other cables but also differences inside the cable (5 Ni-Cr wire cores, Silicone insulation, Aramid fiberglass Inner braid, Kevlar blade, Silicone Jacket).