Universal Roof bars

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tirol soft rack

Minimum quantity for "Universal Roof bars" is 1.

Universal Roof bars for most cars on the market!

Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Luggage Carrier Surfboard Paddleboard Antivibration with Adjustable and Heavy Duty Straps

Important Note!: There are not blow up bars!!! There is no risk of them being punctured and deflated and you need to buy again.

Made of soft material

Maximum weight 60 kg. It is advisable to consult your vehicle's user manual first to determine the maximum weight it can accommodate on the roof.

The user has the responsibility and obligation to make sure that the fasteners are fastened and tightened and checked frequently during the journey.


Total length 85 cm

The pillow length is 60cm.

Width 12cm

Height 6 cm

Ideal for transporting board, ladder, small furniture, souvenir bags, suitcases etc.

Luggage compartment installation is not recommended.

It comes with a carry-on storage bag.

They only weight ONLY 850gr!!!

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