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Filter Kit CIVIC 2006 1.8

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Induction kits

 seems to be the 1st thing guys start with when modifying their car’s engine. It is also the cheapest of engine modification and the induction kit gives your engine a more of a “grunt” sound when accelerating hard.
Of late, we have noticed the increase in inquiries about cone filter applications and cold air induction setups.


Induction kit is one of the most essential accessory your car. This kit for your car is a filter which is cone shaped. You need to install this kit near air inlet of the engine. The original intake of air from the set is been taken out, and the kit is positioned on the air flow meter directly. When this kit is installed, it helps in adding on the power of your car by increasing the flow of the air and thus the air pressure tend to get lost in course of reaching the engine is minimized.

Advantages of induction kits:
Small gain in engine performance for a relatively small clamp on your wallet. If you change your exhaust and engine components for performance items, you will get even better power gains.

Good quality induction kits will last for a lifetime because unlike standard filters, they can be cleaned/washed and re-oiled with the help of filter cleaning kits, so you will never need to replace.

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