Protective covers for spark plugs, spark plug boots and cables

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 Protective covers for spark plugs, spark plug boots and cables

These protective covers, is the only protection solution, especially for cars with boots or cables close to the exhaust manifold and or for Turbo cars!

Spark plugs and spark plug wires are designed to operate under normal temperature conditions, usually without any problems.

Any conversion to the engine to increase horsepower and especially turbo charging, the increase in temperature is a fact. In case of use in the limits, the temperature near the export can reach high levels and protection against spark plugs, boots and wires is essential!

These thermal pockets reflect heat and humidity away from spark plugs, pipes, cables or coils.
The high temperatures created by the exhaust manifold and the turbines and in particular in the tuned cars, can cause heat loss in the cables / spark plugs resulting in the loss of spark!

This can be solved of aftermarket cables with lower resistance, instead of the factory cables, in combination with these protective pockets.

These pockets can touch the manifold or turbo without any problems and do not become brittle.
This material is not flammable and also protects against moisture.
It keeps the spark to the maximum as there will be no spark loss due to excessive heat.
Better and stronger spark means optimum performance.

ATTENTION: Price 20e applies to 4 pieces!!!


Heat shields can protect spark plugs and cables at temperatures up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 2,000 degrees at variable-instantaneous temperatures, reaching extremely high levels for short periods of time, in racing conditions such as racing, drifting, or in Turbo applications. This way the spark plugs wires, will not burn when touching the octopus but the spark plugs or pipes will not overheat and will not melt.

High quality product for fast driving, racing, racing and drifting!

So for such applications, heat shields are absolutely necessary, because as the exhaust temperatures reach high temperatures and the spark plugs, cables, pipes become overheated and may overheat and fail to give the right spark, where failures and performance loss can occur. Some times the spark burns and leaks out of the combustion chamber with worse scenarios.

To protect against this, thermal shields/covers for boots, spark plugs and spark plugs wires are manufactured using various materials to limit the amount of heat emitted by the cables during engine operation.

These protective covers are made of high quality three-layer titanium basalt (lava rock) in combination with polyester, as opposed to cheaper copies that use only fiberglass both inside and outside.

This means that your spark plug, wires and boots are able to function properly resulting in their seamless operation.


* Helps reduce misfires and extend life of wire & boots

* Non-Flammable and Resists damaging chemicals

* 25% stronger than fiberglass Boots

* Fit is universal for most angled and straight boots, can be used from ultimate race cars, street vehicles, to motor homes.

* Sleeves are 170mm length

For ignition wires exposed to extreme heat from exhaust manifolds and headers, Titanium Protect Wire Kit provides the most advanced heat protection on the market.

Developed with proprietary Titanium fiber and basalt technology, the same material as Titanium exhaust wrap and plug boots, this Titanium color sleeve material withstands temperatures up to 1300°F direct heat, or 2000°F radiant.

Capable of withstanding extreme hot or cold temperatures, these oil and chemical resistant protection sleeves with its 1/2'' I.D. easily expands to fit larger spark plug wires often used for ignition wires

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